Many congratulations to Mrs Muriel Harris (Reader PTO) from St. Mary the Virgin, Morpeth who has been awarded the BEM (British Empire Medal) in the Queen's New Years Honours list 2017.
Hilary Elder received news of this award from Doreen Johnson who, along with others, sent in letters in support of this award for Muriel. There will be articles in the Morpeth Herald this week. Muriel has been working with the North East charity Practical Compassion for Destitute Children (PcDc) who have been helping many children who are living in areas of conflict in the West Bank. Muriel and her husband have, for many years, self funded their trips out to the Holy Land by raising money to give help and support where its needed.
Well Done Muriel for all you have given to this very worth while cause.

Posted on Jan 7th 2017.


Anyone who would like to be involved in READING THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES and the presentations please contact Chris Bryars on Watch this space for future events.

(Last updated November 2016)

Bishop Frank, retires

Bishop Frank, as he receives some "baking essentials" from Reader Secretary Hilary Elder at the recent Readers Board held on 1st September 2016.  
This particular gift was given because Bishop Frank had previously mentioned that he may take up baking after he retires at the end of this month (September).  We will have to watch out for him on upcoming Great British Bake Off episodes !!!!!  Have a long and happy retirement Bishop Frank!



The 2015 Annual Readers' Licensing Service for the Diocese of Newcastle was held on: 

Saturday 3rd October 2015, at 2:10pm
at the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, Newcastle

Seven new Readers were admitted and licensed:

Simon Embleton - St. John, Whorlton
Clive Gray - St. Bartholomew, Whittingham
Cecilia Holmes - St. Nicholas, Gosforth
Linda Hunter - St. Andrew, Corbridge
Yvonne Knibbs - St. Mary, Monkseaton
Anne Morris - St. John, Whorlton
Paulette Thompson - Holy Sepulchre, Ashington

Please pray for them and for their ministry as Readers in the Newcastle Diocese.

Bishop Frank White presided at the Admission and Licensing.& The Rt. Revd. John Packer preached at the service.

(Updated 03 April 2016)


Anne Horne - license transferred from York Diocese

A special service was held at Berwick Parish Church on 10 August 2014 to welcome Anne Horne and transfer her licence from the York Diocese.  Anne was orignally licensed as a Reader in the York Diocese on 4 September 1994.

Anne Horne with Bishop Frank, 10 August 2014 at Berwick Parish Church

~~Readers on Writers 3 - Contemporary Theologians
We enjoyed another successful series of Readers on Writers suppers and talks in 2014, as we learned more about the following contemporary theologians:
• Mukti Barton - by Ken Newitt - Mukti Barton - Readers on Writers 3.pdf
• David Ford - by Jan Porter
• Ken Leech - by Karen Charman - Ken Leech - Readers on Writers 3 - by Karen Charman.pdf
• Paula Gooder - by Hilary Elder - Paula Gooder - Readers on Writers 3 - Hilary Elder.pdf
• Ann Loades - by Susan Smith
• Jane Shaw - by Peter Middlemiss - The Very Reverend Dr Jane Shaw - Readers on Writers 3 - Canon Peter Middlemiss.pdf
• Barbara Brown Taylor - by Bishop Frank
• Keith Ward - by Katherine Govier - Keith Ward - Readers on Writers 3 by Katherine Govier.pdf
• Tom Wright - by Gloria Cadman
• Sarah Coakley - by Chris Bryars
• George Pattison - by Val Cowan
• Rowan Williams - by Cynthia Bishop

~~Readers on Writers suppers began in 2012 with a series of suppers and talks on key Anglican theologians in various locations across the Newcastle Diocese.

Talks were delivered on the following theologians:
• John Jewel - by Gloria Cadman
• William Wake - by Jan Porter
• Charles Gore - by Peter Robinson
• Thomas Cranmer - by Cynthia Bishop
•  F D Maurice - by Roger Lowans
• Michael Ramsey - by Georgina Harper
• James Ussher - by Christine Bryars
• Jeremy Taylor - by Katherine Govier
• Charles Simeon - by Val Cowan
• Richard Hooker - by Karen Charman
• Joseph Butler - by Sue Smith
• William Temple - by Peter Middlemiss
Scripts of some of the talks can be viewed in our resources section.

In 2013, we held Readers on Writers 2 - Lay Theologians of the 20th Century.

Talks were delivered on the following theologians:

~~• Evelyn Underhill (1873 - 1941) - by Roger Lowans - Evelyn Underhill - Readers on Writers 2 - by Roger Lowans.pdf
• Charles Williams (1886 - 1945) - by Karen Charman - Charles Williams - Readers on Writers 2 - Karen Charman.pdf
• Mark Gibbs (1920 - 1986) - by Jan Porter
• T S Eliot (1888 - 1963) - by Hilary Elder - T S Eliot - Readers on Writers 2 - Hilary Elder.pdf
• Dorothy Sayers (1893 - 1957) - by Susannah Swales
• Ruth Etchells (1931 - 2012) - by Michael Nixon
• C S Lewis (1898 - 1963) - by Ken Newitt
• W H Auden (1907 - 1973) - by Chris Bryars
• Susan Howatch (b 1940) - by Val Cowan - Susan Howatch - Readers on Writers 2 by Val Cowan.pdf
• Alan Paton (1903 - 1988) - by Harry Plater
• William Stringfellow (1930 - 1985) - by Gloria Cadman
• Monica Furlong (1930 - 2003) - prepared by Janice Robinson, delivered by Peter Middlemiss

Emeritus Readers PTO
Barbara Bailes
Olwyn Black

Peter Middlemiss
John Oscroft
Carol Wolstenholme
Barry Stewart
John Finley