Licensing Service

Reader Licensing Service Saturday 1st October 2016

A message from our Reader Secretary...

Thank you to all Readers who were able to attend the Annual Licensing service on Saturday. It was a very special occasion, not only because we welcomed Beverley, Trevor and Sheila as newly licensed Readers, but because we said 'goodbye' to our Warden, Bishop Frank, too. I hope all of you who contributed to a gift for him approved of the picture we bought him of the pilgrim posts to Lindisfarne. Bishop Frank certainly seemed to, and pointed out that the picture had 'a lot of blue on it', which was appropriate! Thank you all too for the wonderful work you do week in, week out. Those of you who weren't able to be there should get your licences returned soon, and everyone will be receiving a mailing with annual reports for 2015.
Our next AGM (which will handle the information for both 2015 and 2016) will be on Saturday 8th April, and will be during our Conference Day, at which I'm delighted to say Revd Kate Bruce will be speaking to us about preaching and imagination. Save the date and watch out for further details.
Hilary Elder Secretary


Here are a few photos of the big day...

(L-R)  Beverley Davies, Bishop Christine, Trevor Lennox, Revd. Dr. David Bryan (Lindisfarne RTP Director of Studies)
Sheila Turnbull, Revd. Canon Cathy Rowling (Lindisfarne RTP Principal), Bishop Frank.

Our three newly licensed Readers (Beverley, Trevor and Sheila pictured with Bishop Christine.

...all enjoying the refreshments at the cathedral !!

Readers friends and family after the service

Newly licensed Sheila (on the left) chatting to her Yr 3 Placement Incumbent the Revd. Juliet Stephenson