Reader Selection

God calls each one of us in our Christian lives and that calling may change throughout our lives.  We are special in God's sight and he loves each and every one of us and wants us to use our God given gifts to the best of our abilities.  We may even possess gifts that, at this moment in time, we didn't realise!

Some Christians have, over the years, asked the question of whether or not God was calling them to a particular ministry within His church, including the question “Am I called to be a Reader?"  Some of us, even when asked if we had thought of becoming a Reader, have shrugged it off.  Sometimes, others will recognise your calling before you do.  Others have recognised that God may be leading them towards Reader Ministry simply by a feeling that doesn't seem to go away over time or 
after a particular experience in their life they may feel God wants them to serve His church and the community as a licensed Reader . 

If you would like to know more, or feel you may be called to Reader Ministry and would like to explore further, you should talk it over with your family and friends and also with your vicar or parish priest.  This initial step is an exploration which allows you to think about and share your feelings with others who know you well.  There is often an opportunity at this stage to talk to local Readers and hear their views and experiences of Reader ministry and the training.  Please contact Sue Hart for more information.

Once you, your incumbent and PCC have decided that you should put yourself forward for selection, you will need to contact Canon Sue Hart.  Sue is the Recruitment and Selection Coordinator for Reader Ministry in Newcastle Diocese and she will provide you with the necessary application forms and further information about the selection process itself.  All Reader candidates wishing to be considered for Reader Selection will need support from their PCC as well as their incumbent. 

Reader Selection day usually takes place at Church House, Percy Main, on a Saturday in June between 9.30am and 4.30pm.  Candidates will have already received an application form and they will 
have also received information about the criteria required for selection to train as a Reader, and also a set of questions which may help candidates discern their own vocation.  Candidates will answer some similar questions during their interviews.

It is also a national requirement that each candidate for selection gives a presention of approx. 8-10 minutes as part of the selection process when they come to the Selection day itself. The topic/title for the presentation will be given to each candidate in advance of the selection day.  Candidates are not normally allowed to use electronic devices e.g. data projectors, for their presentations, but, fear not, all will be explained well beforehand.

Candidates are not competing with each other.  In theory, if everyone who attends the selection day is suitable to train for Reader Ministry, all will be recommended for training.  

There is more information in the leaflet:
Steps to Reader Ministry

If you wish to know more about the selection process and training commitments please contact 
Canon Sue Hart, Reader Recruitment and Selection Coordinator, Newcastle Diocese.
E-mail:  or Tel. 0191 2523941

(Updated January 2017)