Q.  What do Readers do?

A.  Readers are licensed by the Bishop to work collaboratively with clergy to support and serve their community.   As a Reader, your ministry might include some of the following tasks, depending upon your gifts, skills and interests:

  • Supporting the learning of others
  • Facilitating worship and enabling people to take an active role  in worship
  • Preaching
  • Supporting the recently bereaved
  • Supporting the housebound, the elderly and those who are ill
  • Working with children and / or young people 


Q.  "I think God might be calling me to Reader Ministry.  What should I do next?"

A.  First of all pray about it and talk to your Vicar / Priest-in-Charge.  We also recommend you talk to any other Readers you may know to gain some insight into their experiences of Reader ministry and the training involved.  If you do not know any Readers personally then contact Sue Hart, Reader and Recruitment Coordinator, who can put you in touch with Readers in your area.  E-mail: harts@sky.com
Discuss your feelings with your family and close friends.  You might also find reading about ministry useful as part of your own discernment.  
To start with, why not try reading some books on vocations and Reader ministry, for example:

  • Reader Ministry Explored by Cathy Rowling and Paula Gooder, SPCK London 2009
  • This is our Calling edited by Charles Richardson, SPCK London 2004
  • Bridging the Gap: Reader Ministry Today Edited by Gordon W Kuhrt and Pat Nappin, Church House Publishing London 2002 

Q.  Where can I learn more about Reader Training in the Newcastle Diocese?

A.  Visit the Lindisfarne website www.lindisfarnertp.org or email enquiries@lindisfarnertp.org or visit the Newcastle Diocesan website www.newcastle.anglican.org

(Updated September 2016)